What you need to know

Before planning your Wedding Ceremony, there are some legalities that you must be aware of. Please take the time to read the following information so that you are informed about your rights and responsibilities.

I have a duty to advise you that you must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage no more than 18 months before the wedding date and no less than 1 calendar month before the wedding date. For example, if you want to get married on the 1st of December the Notice must be signed no later than the 31st of October of the preceding month. Please check the date of your marriage with me to ensure there will be no issues.

At the time of signing the Notice of Intended Marriage the following documents must be produced:

  • Birth certificates for intended bride and groom

  • Photo ID passport

  • Drivers licence

  • Divorce certificate if either party has been married previously - and I will also give you a copy of the Happily Ever Before and After brochure which gives you information on pre-marriage counselling.

After the Notice of Intended Marriage segment has been completed, we will then start to organise your ceremony. I will provide you with a variety of examples of marriage ceremonies, vows, poems and readings that may be suitable for you. After you have had time to peruse the examples, we will communicate by your preferred method to discuss what you want included.

You can include poems, readings, and bible verses including a blending of sands component, lighting of
candles, handing out roses to special members of the family or anything you would like to include in the ceremony.
We then book a date for the rehearsal (usually book it a week ahead but to be agreed upon)

A Declaration of No Legal Impediment to the Marriage must also be completed, usually done at the ceremony rehearsal.